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Best Strategies for New Traders

Best Strategies for New Traders

By on Aug 31, 2016 in Best Advice About Trading, Binary Options Trading Strategies, Make Money Online |

Starting your career as a binary options trader won’t be easy. You will have to dedicate your time, and pay close attention to tutorials and tips to learn how the market works. Then there are strategies. They are invented to become more effective at predicting the outcome of a certain asset’s price. Once you get all the pieces together and paint the full picture in your head, then and only then you are ready, to begin with, trading. Until then grab your notebook or a pen and paper and write down these tricks and useful tips that we’ve prepared for you.

Trending Strategy

9Finding the right technique is difficult especially for beginners in trading with binary options. Usually, the best thing for a newcomer is to follow trending strategies that other traders use in several markets. If the trending line predicts that asset’s price will go down it is advised to use Fall and Climb technique. Every experienced trader knows this and uses it with many traders. Following that system will create a routine and in time you will know what to do without consulting with other traders. Binary options are useful also, find all about them on Top 10 Binary Demo, and you can complete your training.

Straddle Strategy

To use this one in a stable market would be a mistake, or at least you wouldn’t profit as much as you think with it. Trying it out on volatile markets that have assets whose price isn’t stable is the best possible choice you can make. It may sound like a risky move, but the fact is that this strategy works best in markets like this. The thing is that using this strategy involves betting on assets whose price goes in both directions or rather changes it rapidly. So betting on put on call this way gets a lot more interesting.

Reversal Strategy


You never know, no matter when you should place a call or a put on a particular asset. In some situations, you can place both of them simultaneously. This is when reversal strategy comes to place. By placing both bets on an asset, you double your chances of success. This system is regarded as one of the most complex ones due to low risk of failure. If you place a call and by the

time offer expires the assets price changes direction you will naturally lose your bet. However, if you place both put and call it doesn’t matter whether the price goes up or down, either way, you win. The only thing is that the amount of money you will get is fixed. A put usually gets you less money than call, but at least you will get the money instead of getting nothing.

The progress is slow, and it requires a lot of dedication and focus but once you start learning how the market works you will want to keep going until you absorb all the knowledge there is to absorb. So start learning today.

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